Wednesday, November 30, 2005

"All you talk about is the weather & whether it matters or not is purposely up to you."
So today I started with a quote. I like quotes and I think that I'll continue with quotes. Now about my finger. Which finger? The one i accidently puntured with a knife the other day and needed a bunch of stitches to put back together. Saint Mary's Hospital refused to serve me because my medicare-card was lost. At the Jewish General H. they took me without a second look, I sat for 30 minutes in the ER and was waiting for my own episode to unfold. Funny enough it was late or early in the morning and I was there alone. Finally my name was called and I was served by a candid female doctor of the Moslem faith. She was a rookie at it and told me so. That made me feel assured and I actually egged her on to do a good job. While she was sewing me up I kept encouraging her and admonishing her that i was a musician and highly rely on my fingers to earn a lively hood. "hey, she did a bang on job!" My finger is some how still numb at the tip. That's not her fault but rather the fault of your lovely author who 'thought with his ass instead of his elbws' at the time of the accident and on that wretched given moment. All's well! Hannukah is right around the corner and I keep getting booked for Christmas gigs. Great!
They want Elvis a-la "SChmelvis" Style and that's exactly what we're gonna deliver.



Tuesday, November 29, 2005

We are gigging all over the city. The calls are coming in left right and center. It's a barrage of calls. I cannot stop the infiltration of calls. We need a manager to 'souce it all out'!
At the dentist yesterday sitting there with my mouth so wide open that you could prolly fit a couple of subway cars in there. And let's not forget the questions from the dentist. They just love to ask us questions when our mouths are open to the max and we cannot utter a single word. what's up with the dentists?
Learning new guitar chords and new voicings.
Today was relatively warm, we peeked to 12c. It is pretty good for this time of year.
My good fiendly friends the Sinesters are playing at Concordia shortly.


Monday, November 28, 2005

Technology for the most part alienates people but also bridges them together. It is odd how it can be a good thing and at times a not so good thing. A lot of my friends are addicted to the computer and especially to the notion of chatting. This habit can be very addictive and some people chat on for hours on end. It can start as an innocent chat thing to pass some 'free time' to a time consumming habit where you find yourself chatting on for hours with people all over the world or someone 2 blocks away from you. Funny how time slips away when one chats online. Sometimes we forget notion of time or our dearest responsibilities and meander in the fields of net not realizing that the person on the other end of the computer can be a complete stranger which we will never meet but yet something devours our minds and we grow bleek to the notion of time and funny how we can tell this stranger our deepest thoughts like strangers do on subways on New York. It is amazing how fast time passes on the net. Today i finally got a web cam and chatted with my sister, who lives so so so far away. But with technology it all seemed so near and yet so far. I took her on a tour of the house, showed her the new and the updates of what is going on.
It is quite extra-ordinary what this internet thing as done. In a way it is very innovative and yet in another way it is clandestine, overwhelming and too surreal to comprehend and at the same time a necessity of the times we are living in. It's very late now. I really must get some sleep. Chat with you laters....



Sunday, November 27, 2005

The weekends always fly by too quickly. It's the way of nature. Mind you, the weekdays fly by too. Everything these days is on the fast train. Just yesterday the kids were born and now the oldest is almost 10 years of age. where does time go?
Other then our own human historical archives the "one above" keeps everything in storage as well, through the human soul which captures everything through the human eye, ear and taste. It's a theory which I've heard before and other then that, wont expound on it further.
Acrross from me, the dog sleeps all day on a warm chair in the living room. He lets out little wimpers and gasps. His eyes seem half closed. He definetly has a good life in this household according to the homelss guy who begged me to sleep on the dogs couch.
Winter feels like it as settled in for good these days. The cold is present as you open the house door and the way people are dressed definetly is a reminder that 'i better dress warm too'. It's hard to muster at times that we are in winter. I guess it is denial for some of us because with all the heavy clothes it does feel like a burden at times just to get dressed when you know that in most parts of the world people are walking half naked now and just having a ball out doors! It's the 'grass is greener on the other side" theory which always sounds good to most of us. I actually believe that
"where we are is where we make the party happen" . That's always been my philosophy. I remember clearly in my early University days how we would arrive at a party and someone would always say, 'it's not happening here, let's move on.'
I would always disagree and retort, 'well, let's make it happen.' or "i'm staying"
Now a days, I have no patients to go out as often. Once or twice a week is enough for me.
Besides, the faces are different in the crowd, they seem so wanting, 'searching kind of faces' looking for a meaning. At least that's the impression i get from people these days. It's the faces of post 911 walking the streets looking for guidance, for a mentor, for someone to tell them please do not worry, this is the way to salvation. But all that is crazy cuz it is only a placebo, a short escapism to another 'dead-end'. Bono, that lead singer from that Irish band U2 are in town this weekend. He is on a mission to save world poverty. He meets up with politicians and tells them to cough up tax payers money to help third world countries in dire-straights. He's got a different message to the people then most rock stars . A different message cause from what I remember, Rock stars generally tell fans lines like : Hey, montreal, good weed...right on" Now, in retrospect, I'm trying to weight which lines have a better impact or a more positive message."
In all fairness, I do not know. That is my honest opnion on the matter. Mind you, teaching third world nations how to be autonomous is a good start.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Speaking to the sis. fav. person in the world. The blog is on and the thoughts are flowing. 'Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow.'
Spoke to Flo. Mike's mom yesterday and in the midst of things and after listening to her for a while i just told her to: 'let it flow'...My thoughts on independence and relationships. We must all have a vocation so that we do not have to depend on anyone. People have to be autonomous! Yes, the more we are in tune and together with our self, the more respect we get from others. Holding ones own is so vital and pertinent to the self. A vocation only adds dignity, self esteem and self worth to the individual. This doesn't necessarily manifest itself in the first few days but in time the person will come to understand that his vocation redefined his whole being. He is healthier, happier and feels that a purpose is being fulfilled. So true! So True! That is the bottom line!

The music industry has changed so much in the last 10 years. Not that i'm riding the music industry 'wave'. Never have and with my 'mazel' prolly never will!...hehe. It's about the journey, not the destination! I love the journey, even with it's highs and lows. So as I was saying, the music industry has changed. for a while it was riding on Album sales and CD sales but now a days it is all free and available on the net. The net has made music accesible for free. The way to make money is through concerts and merchandising. But hey, I only play 20 shows a year but I'd like to bring it up to 40 this year.

Greg is on the phone with business & an opportunity. He is offering me the deal right now. Always a deal to be had.
I listen and listen. Yeah, it sounds very good. As usual it sounds very good.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Lawyers, Doctors and other penical necessities of society; We treasure them and hopefully never have to use them like that gun in the closet, "only for emergencies, only for emergencies."
Those are the words of Maxim Slater, lead guitarist for that heavy rock band called "Axe- your-mather"
A poem by my friend Gary Y. :
I fell off a tree once but luckily I was an autumn leaf at the time, parched and red at the centre ready to disband from the brunches of life and just take a 'shoe-full' of beating and hung around the ground without a care in the world. let the rain devour my sinews and hung out with the other leaves waiting for the teeth of rakes, manhandled to piles so high scurried up and placed into the yellow sack of 'cul-du-sac'.
Went to a vernissage, Musorsky wasn't there!
Art isn't Art anymore!
It's like flavoured pop-corn popped in the wave of the micro so lost and so astray.
The flavour is there but the taste is gone.
B.B. King said it best with his song "thrill is gone"
One of the best blue songs ever written...
OOOOh, finally got into the blog. i feel like i'm living in a very "Kafkasque" reality show where there are guards watching me at every step. This new neuroticism is nothing to get frantic about. It is just the reality of the days I live in. I tried visiting John Lennon's room at the Queen Elizabeth, downtown Montreal & was brutally denied access to the floor. I was with a friend who looked like 'Edward Scissor-hands' at the time and were told bluntly by the manager that 'no one is allowed up there!' I guess it is my "Osama" look a like features that creates that trilogy response of "no, no no, you ain't getting past me!' I duuno what to say, my fortune cookie said today that i'm honesty and a man of integrity. back to the hotel.....
We were both dissapointed but did find out that he was in room 722 or was it 712 or was it 736? Oh, well, never's the thought that counts. We innocently wanted to take pictures of the door and then post it up on my website. It would have been a sorta "John Lennon had a bed in for peace in here and here is Schmelvis 35 years later" ...anyways, I spoke to Tommy Schnurmacher about it and you know he was actually there at the time and he looked after or baby-sat Yoko's girl or something like that for a bit. His story and accounts are way cool.
first real brutal day of snow here. Drove real slow. Lots of accidents on the road and traffic jams. Drive real slow, be careful!



Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The future is 'now'! Grab it! Seize it! Carpe Diem!
Think about yourself. It is time to do a 'world of good'!
Miracles are happening all the time!
Lately I feel like AC/DC's 'hell's Bells'; It's called mid-life crisis!
I'm edgy, feisty, aggresive, impatient and crude & that's just with myself imagine how i must be with others?

Lord, I'm trying not to be cruel and I know that 100 years from now
no one will care or read any of this or even bother with reading all together.
It'll all be a thing of the past. Lately however, I feel like being more and more of a recluse.
I want to be left alone. I'm just on my own channel. I'm busy trying to or calling it 'being creative.'
It's just me and my guitar and we both gently weep.
With me 'Words are searching for meanings constantly and in the end it some how makes sense.'
Excuse my pensive squibbles.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My friend C. from London been doing his Tv show but has not reached 'paparazzi' status. It's a crying shame really!
Feeling a bit better today with the snowflakes tinkling the city. Christmas is right around the corner and so is 2006. It's a scary thought cause time decieves us all. It creeps up behind us and then without warning it is here and gone! Trying to play at least 30 minutes of guitar per day and singing. Working on some new material. Trying to find inspiration for new material. It's so dark here in the city it's like the sun has taken a sabbatical or something. It's already late in the afternoon and very quiet in the house. The dog is sleeping, snoring gently in his sofa chair.
Still sipping my coffee from this morning. C. was amazed how i can sip a coffee for a duration of 6 hours. Just something that happens, i cannot drink it all at once and besides a sip inspires thoughts like some people do with a cigarette. Same concept different addiction. I was talking to "Adam about his addictions and he said that cigarettes keep him going.

i have to thank my good friend Pete F. out in Ottawa cause he is the web-master behind my website:
He's always there for me with updates, news, pictures, wave-files or what ever.So Pete, dude!
Thank you very much!

Have a great day!


Monday, November 21, 2005

Monday, I'm feeling under the weather. My throat is parched, feel like I'm coming down with something. I hope it is a 'day thing' and will disappear as quickly as it came this morning! Did a lot of errands;running here and there. Thank G-d it is not too cold out there. Like 7c outside!
"I've got blisters under my fingers!", one of my favorite John Lennon lines, except i got blisters under my tongue!
The thrill is gone...the thrill is gone.
One of my favorite BB King songs.

My friend is starting a private lounge. Perhaps he'll have Schmelvis play there...
So what is going on here in Montreal?
What is the city all about?
Is there a future here?
All these questions will be answered shortly on the Schmelvis stay tuned!!!!

Got take my vitamins...laters!!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

I'm an official 'blogger'! what does it actually all mean?
It means that I'm in 'self-therapy' sessions every time I spew my
thoughts out to the world. Does anyone read this? I doubt it!
Do i care? Yes, of course I care what goes out there and i try to be as responsible
and conscious in every respect of the word.
I spoke to Tali today and he said 'blogging is cool & that he's been meaning to do it
& that everyone should do it!" It's a cathartic & cheap way to express the soul", my friend Micha said
to me. He runs and operates an 'indie-coffee' house in the McGill ghetto. Today the kids went to see Potter
27 or something like that. I have not seen one of them movies but they keep putting them out like rice cakes and the movies & games and the marketing venture behind this is a monster in itself. The wizard behind the Potter deal knows what he is doing. The movie has grossed like billions of dollars and ain't that an author story going from rags to riches?!?!
Sunday night in a relatively mild December. The sun wanes easily over this French city.
Cars observe traffic lights today like it is some religious holiday. No one is in such a rush like
Monday to friday routine.
Back to the grind tomorrow.
Gotta get the kids in early to bed. The dishes are piled up to the ceiling.
finally bought some dish detergent so now i have no excuse but to do them.
Doing dishes is actually productive energy well spent.
It clears the mind and the swoosh of running hot water and soap in between fingers is somewhat healing.

Gotta go...TCB


Friday, November 18, 2005

This has to be the wackiest personal ad I've ever come across. It is obviously fasicious, full of hunger and represents a failure in the system by the person who placed it. Here it goes:
'I'm looking for a guy, preferably under 5', hairy from head to toe.... Please have at least 5 STDs and be "married but looking". It helps if you are a pathological liar or on welfare. Also, you are a complete slob, have stinky feet, and pick your nose.' What is that? Is the world gone mad?!?!? Did I miss something? I think I'm sleeping too much. Or is it sleep deprivation?

I walked by a homeless man today on my daily walk with the dog. He said; " I envy your dog, I would like to sleep on your warm couch, please bring me home." I was speechless and had nothing to say. He was right in one way; we regard pets or treat pets better then humans. Pets get more respect then humans. A stranded dog would be picked up immediately off the street and brought to a shelter where a 'homeless' would be left to rot in the street and until the sinews are not splattered all over the floor a thing would not be done. It's a fact! It happened here in the city a few years back when an older young was left to dies outside Vendome metro and no one called 911. Everyone thought 'someone else would call' or 'someone already called already' or 'I do not want to get involved.' But if it was a strayed animal, don't ask! Right away, that poor thing would be looked after.

It's been a few days since I last wrote here. I missed you guys. I missed the audience. Truth is nobody reads this, it's not for you, these words will dissipate...i'm under the weather... Something is going round; must be the train!
Have a great weekend-Shabbat Shalom!!!!
This has to be the wackiest personal ad I've ever come across. It is obviously fasicious, full of hunger and represents a failure in the system by the person who placed it. Here it goes:
'I'm looking for a guy, preferably under 5', hairy from head to toe.... Please have at least 5 STDs and be "married but looking". It helps if you are a pathological liar or on welfare. Also, you are a complete slob, have stinky feet, and pick your nose.'
I walked by a homeless man today on my daily walk with the dog. He said; " I envy your dog, I would like to sleep on your warm couch, please bring me home." I was speechless and had nothing to say. He was right in one way; we regard pets or treat pets better then humans. Pets get more respect then humans. A stranded dog would be picked up immediately off the street and brought to a shelter where a 'homeless' would be left to rot in the street and until the sinews are not splattered all over the floor a thing would not be done. It's a fact! It happened here in the city a few years back when an older young was left to dies outside Vendome metro and no one called 911. Everyone thought 'someone else would call' or 'someone already called already' or 'I do not want to get involved.' But if it was a strayed animal, don't ask! Right away that poor thing would be looked after.

It's been a few days since I last wrote here. I missed you guys. I missed the audience. Truth is I've been under the weather. Something is going round; must be the train!
Have a great weekend-Shabbat Shalom!!!!
I tried to hung up the guitar for good a few years back and just concentrate on giving my life to the children and the day to day task of making a living in an office like every other Tom, Dick and Harry out there working 9 to 5 like a responsible lad that we're supposed to be. Slowly and in a most creeping way I became agitated, aggresive and even a burden to the people around me. It was like i shot my own foot and then I realized that there is a void in my life but what is it? I stumbled on the question and didn't know why i was acting so offensive. The whole thing seemed a puzzle. Then it happened. I picked up the accoustic guitar again and started to strum a few chords and then like a guffaw of laughter i let out a singing note and then continued to sing a song I had not sung in years. It was something simple by the Beatles but yet magical as always. The act of sitting and singing again brought virtual tears to my eyes. I knew in mid song that this was the missing link and the cause to my anguish and acts of aggression. I knew then that i can never never never live without a guitar. The instrument can never be too far from arms reach. Without it, I am a misereble wretch ready to pounce and kill.
I'm Back! Yes he's back...F@#$% i'm working on new grooves and tunes and melodies and beats and singing and giging and singing and niggining and 'shwinging' with the Bob Dylan's and the pill'n and the thrill'n...
We got 5 sets down with the Schmelvis band ready to deal out. The weddings and parties and Bar-Mitzvah's and corporate parties. We're doing it in style. Loving it! So today's message is don't quit your day job but also don't put away the things you love to do artistically like music, writing, drawing, get the drift and for those of you who are bored with nothing to do; go to your community center and ask to help out. Enjoy the snow.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

'I got my Mojo working' , one of my fav. Elvis tunes.The kids are asleep, the house is quiet. The dog is on the sofa. he don't listen any more. Even dogs have 'selective hearing' after midnight. Outside it is pouring. Today went from snow to rain and tomorrow is supposed to hit a high of 16c. And I thought I was a moody SOB!
lately, guests are coming into the house and sticking around till the wee hour of the night. It's a good thing and it's a bad thing. For me it is good for you, prolly bad, so go figure! For those of you allergic to guests it is definetly bad, but maybe you should try it and who knows you might develop fobias to other things you never imagined existed!
I dunno what i'm talking about. It's like close to 1am and my day has turned from bread to burned does that make sense to you? If it does then stick around cause the metaphors and similies and all them things in between are here and out of the bag. Songs are running though my head, lyrics to 'ONE' my fav. U2 song and "Californication" by Red hot...are singing singing in my head. This week perhaps I'll try to spend more time at home. I always get here way to late.
Kids are usually asleep when i get in. Luckily i get some time to spend the mornings and weekends with them. Why am i telling you this?
I guess because i'm somewhat guilt ridden for not spending more time with the kids. My glasses are naturally yellow tinted set for night vision to elevate the darkness that comes with winter. People remind me constantly that winter is here and it is ok to get depressed. I refuse to be depressed! It is so easy for me to turn on the 'F$%-off' channel in the head. I can just stay in that zone, veg out and like extend my middle finger as far as it reaches and towards every face i see. But that is someone else's wet dream, not mine!
I'm here to fight the demons that rile the soul and beckon it to sleep, to switch off, to be a weeping willow. I refuse to be a 'no-call' or 'no-show'!
So till the next embers party i bid you all a good nights sleep and keep that torch lit cause you never know who will need that light to get to the end of the tunnel!



Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I like anything that has to do with music. Funny enough, I still do not have an Ipod. Most of my friends live by it religiously. I still carry a disc-man from time to time, and like it. The thought of having 2000 songs on one small compact box is mind boggling to say the least, but also a victory to the I-generation devices. On the other side of the fence, there are those who rebel against the Ipod and think it is an evil invention out to destroy young minds and ultimately society as a whole.

On the music production side;My good friend Tali mixes good beats with his fruit-loops software and these days 'good-beats' is what it's all about. My friend Mike plays a mean piano and sure knows how to 'bang' on the drums. My good friend Jase plays a wicked sax, teaches high school and in the summers goes on cruises, sees the world and studies Torah. It's snowing here in the city for the first time. The first snow is always beautiful. It's got this serenity, this innocence about it. The white flakes paint the city with a nice prestine coat and even though it won't last it is a sign that winter is here at last. My business cards are finally ready and they look great! I'm really proud of the job Tali did with photo-7 & by the way he is also great on the piano. I couldn't log into the 'blogger' yesterday from my mac and it was really too bad cause the creative juices were really just yearning to hit the keyboard. Instead I'm writing from a friends PC and here i am. On the 3rd of December we're booked to play an evening at Grumpy's on Bishop steet. They want us to do 4 sets of 30 minute. Looking forward to the show. Wedding gigs are in the works with the Hora-boys...It's been some time since I've done a weddings but weddings are fun and of course quite intense. In the winter no matter how many layers we have on I find it is always too hot indoors and too cold outside;makes it tricky on dressing. Those of you in Montreal enjoy the snow...

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Getting business cards tomorrow & press kit pamphlets. Excited about it cause it's been in the works for some time now. Hannukah is right around the corner and still no planned gigs in the works. Gotta do some follow ups to the rabbi's and see where we will play this holiday season of lights. Actually, it is my favorite Holiday because of the lights and all. Sunday was quite laid back; answered some emails, caught up with simple house-hold chores and just chilled back.
I hope you all a great week...
Playing live is an inspiration! There is nothing more gratifying then doing a live show. The reward is chemical and the energy from the crowd is almost medicinal.
Woke up relatively late this Sunday morning at 8:15am. Wife and kids already at the pool for daily work out. I'm back in the kitchen where it is quiet, my quiet Montreal retreat and after a 30 minute walk with the dog I'm holding my coffee cup like a security blanket and going through the morning paper. In the bedroom the radio goes off and from a distance I hear Green day's "I walk alone" or 'Boulevard of broken dreams' as some friends have titled the song. A grammy CD to the boys from LA and well deserved; my favorite track is #7 entitled 'give me novocaine'. I'm also recording and working on a few projects simulteanously. The rap project with 'Vitamine-Shizzy' is on hold at the moment after starting out in May 05; we did like 8-9 tracks and shelved it. The Schmelvis movie "On Tour" is in the works and I hope to complete it sometime in 2006. One of my biggest obstacles is completing projects. Starting out I seem to always dash out at fool speed from the blocks. Finishing the project; is something i'm learning to work on. Conclusion:Giving birth to an idea is a miracle.

Friday, November 11, 2005

TGIF!...For months now I've wanted to open a "Schmelvis Spiritual Music Centre" where children/and young adults can come into a warm and hospitable place and just hung out/ learn guitar or jam or study Torah. A place to chill, a place to grow the mind with the right "Kavannah" & "Derech-Eretz". If anyone would like to help set up such a center then, by all means Email me through my website.

These days, and actually for a long time I'm living without the video games and without the TV. My mind is on the 'clean' channel & I'm rebelling I've had enough of that authority box that drains the brain. The sit-coms & the late shows and the LA laws and the reality crap shows they feed us to the 'hit' box which sits in our living room, which occupies precious space, drains the mind of creativity from millions of viewers and turns us into 'couch potatos'. What keeps us there tuned into the TV realm is pure 'pop-cultural' habit & 'laziness'. TV is so easy to absorb but the danger of TV is that it also becomes a dangerous voice of authority especially to kids. The commercials brainwash and the shows are way to violent. Enough of that for now...hehe...

I'm presently learning new songs on the guitar and just adding repertoire for the next up and coming shows. It is so nice to still have semi-mild weather in almost mid November. Oh yeah, Today is Veterns/Rememberance day: a day to remember the soldiers who fought and the men who fell for our freedom....Soldiers I salute you...I'm off to walk the dog... I wish everyone a Shabbat-Shalom & a great weekend.
We're looking for new management. We're looking for a managment team that can take the band to the next level. We'd like to do corporate circuit, Bar Mitzvah's & weddings and what ever good gigs come our way. We've been gigging and we looking to gig some more....Oh yeah!!!!...bring it on!!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Tuesday night (Nov.8th) we played Reggie's Pub @ Concordia University. We showed up late because Mike the drummer didn't get out of his recording studio in Old Montreal till 9:30pm. None of the guys have a car & so of course I had to pick them up;reminding me of Elvis's song "hound dog" and that still today after all these years i'm "nothing but a schlepper"...the song run threw my brain the whole way to the gig. We arrived at 10:15pm and set up as quickly as possible. We were on right after 'hockey Night' and thank G-d the Canadians won cuz people were in a relatively good mood. We started the first set at 10:40 with "that's alright mamma" felt like one of my worse nights. The sound or voice was not heard thru the monitors, I felt no rapport with the audience and the make shift stage was wabbly and moving space very limited. None the less, we enjoyed ourselves and the crowd enjoyed our good energy. Rachel, a Concordia student came up to me and introduced herself as Elvis Priestly's daughter. Elvis Priestly is supposedly an Elvis impersonator/priest or minister. I've never met him but heard of him through a British writer Charlie Connelly who recently interviewed the both of us back to back so there are no coincidences. Students started leaving around the second set. The beer is always good at Reggie's and cheap but that night for some reason they were running short on beer supply. We closed the bar down roughly around 12:30pm and finished with "Something", one of my fav. songs. We're back at Concordia Jan. 14th06. I'll keep you posted on up and coming gigs. TCB S:)