Thursday, March 23, 2006

Lately i've been off the blogger for what ever reasons accounted for...perhaps too tired to write or uninspired to do so...Show coming up this saturday the 23d at Bistro de Paris, 5436 St. Denise...looking forwad to letting loose some...Spring in the air today went up to 7c and felt like 10. The idea of summer around the corner is way inspiring. All out...


Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hi, fans...been a while since i got on here...
Looking for ward to a good show this Tuesday the 28th of
Feb at The Green Room 5386 St. Laurent Blvd (between Fairmaount & St. Viateur)@ 10pm...

Thursday, February 02, 2006

The chinese call it the year of the "DOG"...seems like the world has gone to the dogs.Respect for human life is sacred yet people respect dogs more then humans.What's up with that? I'm releasing soon my Dance CD entitled:


You'll be able to sample tracks on my web site...untill next time...


Saturday, January 21, 2006

It's a new week and a new start, fresh startm new beginnings! Get that negative spirit out of the brain; absolve it, reduce it, shrink it, let it be benign as possible without merit, without mention, step on it, let it ride, do not pass that negativity to anyone else, keep it to yourself, and rather you get rid of it cause it is your negativity and no one elses! At the theatre i saw old faces I had not scene in years. Faces that told me i'm doing the right thing, the only thing, serving my only purpose, building the only thing i know how to build, playing the right instrument, acting in the best matter possible.
At the coffee house i saw the best desserts, smelled the best coffee, sat in the most comfy of chairs and the hours slipped by like some fast forwarding machine and i had to leave in a furry like i had done something wrong. Infact i had gone past my time alloted in a coffee shop which is 20 minutes. Next time i'll know better!
At the metro; the rides always seem much quicker with an I-pod. Almost missed my stop with the thing on. Playing march 25th on MontRoyal street. Will let you know as more gigs are confirmed!


Sunday, January 15, 2006

January 15th and the gravy train is rolling into the station real slow. For some reason, and guess it is because of the holidays; people are just not into getting back to work. The harsh winter months don't help either. It's like a real pain in the rear when tempertaures drop to minus 10. I guess the gumption to hybernate and chill hits home and that 'bear' mentality flashes back like some joint from the 80's and reashes them 'good old memories' of sleeping in...hehe...but leave it to a good ole boss or a good ole wife to wake you up and wisk the fat ass out of bed...hehe..job well done...gotta appreciate good women!


Sunday, January 08, 2006

Work,work, work, there is something 'gold' or brilliant about work especially when it involves creation and finishing a task is great. This week is very productive.
Lots of people to see and projects to accomplish. This week is no different then any other week in retrospect but is so unique in so many other facets.

I've been meaning to tell you but forgot!

Have a great week all'


Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday swings around quickly. Layton is waiting at the entrance gates like heaven can wait . Sharon is twisted in a time warp and Bush is swinging a raquette. My camera captures all the faces that missed the big ball dance. The ticket booth is vacant and the clerks are home at last drinking green tea reading cereal labels while the TV blares the same old noises and commercials tell no lies.

Friday night rolls around like warm bread out of the oven. Bagels boast empty smiles.
Drink to life drink to life for there's only life to drink.

Have a great Shabbos!!!!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Friends and commrades, ladies and germs it's come to address the community about grief and anger and anger and grief and the guns that are allowed to circulate in house holds in your neighbourhood, in your home, in your child's cupbard, in your child's boot.
And you blame it on the kids and you blame it on the schools and you blame on the system but it comes down to the parents and it comes down to your homes if you do not want the guns and if you do not want the violence then figure it out and don't be a dummy...

Canadian poet Layton dies in Montreal.

elections are around the corner here in Canada.
today's hymes are nothing but beats swindled with words to get you off your feet. The rappers you hear are nothing but thieves who play to your ear and want nothing but money so they can empower themselves with material gain and more material gain it means a gun in your head like a drill to a sergent who's heard it before while he's doing push-ups and more to the beat of a drum that plays to the beat that your dead, dead, dead, and the snare is so loud it repeats it out loud pow, pow, pow. and the streets are alive with shoppers delights who swirve through them lights to avoid bumpy bump it's an art in itself to add jewlery gore and wear it out proud and jingle it proud and let it out loud that the ring is all yours and the gold chain is thick with the symbol of the day that you dangle all the way as you hit the ATM and you withdraw some more so you can hit the floor and shop till you drop and drink down the lights for you it's delight just make sure the car is alright and your momma at home praying pray pray for some more that your safe from the crimes of the day she prays that your alright tonight that you're not in the groove of some terrible hit cause you walk the streets with the beat in the air sitting on that chair and the music blairing the air that beat is so bear you just want to escape from the water and air and the people you see in your own company want the same old thing it's called security and it repeats out loud pow, pow, pow,.... pow, pow, pow...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

it's the 2006 off the map and quake like a channel bake show a reality mistake and you turn the corner like your coming home and there's no one there and you smile alone.
It's like wanting a Big-Mac or a heart-attack and you settle for the door and you walk alittle more til you hit the floor outside the corner store and the words run thin like twisted ice you licked off the fence on a quizical place...your momma is on my mind and your sister is a blast from someone else's past, your momma is on my mind and your sister is a blast from someone else's is not a joke you can erase no more the shooting on the streets in the metrolplis arenas lives you thinking of hate and to discriminate and the head phones are on and isolation is the game in these cities of glory with skyscapers which aim to the sky but it is false and fake and it'll confiscate all your morals and plates. The police democracy are a common trait and the establishment which we so stand by with confidence are no longer the foundations we trust...