Thursday, January 17, 2008

Two weeks into 2008 & lots of exciting things are happening!
First of all 'Techno-Lime-Party' is on Itunes and selling like
Hotcakes. Schmelvis 2: 'The Viagra Incident' is going into production
this summer with hopefully a fall release! It will feature
an array of stars and chameo surprises so Stay tuned!!!!!
On the political front;
It looks like there is no one to vote for in the USA but Ron Paul!
He's the guy!!!! and there is no one else!
Most politicans are phony or just seem to be without a back bone!
Where are the stunchy politicians who back ethnic cleansing? (we miss characters like that:NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Enjoy the heat!!!!

D:) aka Schmelvis