Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday is like fresh bread warm out of the oven!
Like warm bread I'm working on new songs
which have a crust, a mddile and an end.
Another sunny day in the city. It's great to see
people in the morning running to work.
I'm inspired by the enthusiasm and get caught up in the
emotion of getting to a destination on time.
Kids have to be dropped off.
Percolating Coffee and its smell evident in the background.
Sandwitches wrapped for people on the go.
Monday morning is like frsh bread...
March is right around the corner.
This weekend is Purim; It's the month of Adar.
Have a great Day!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

I was gonna start a blog titled 'living in the 07!'
It's a miracle to be here in the winter charm month of February OH, Canada!
Hockey season is so apart of th eSchmelvis spirit and the challenges that
lies ahead of the Montreal canadians! This monday is such a crucial game against the Toronto
Maple Leafs, isn't it!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
We think sometimes that certain things do not really matter but we see now in retrospect that everything
really matters and that every event or game as its consequences as is evident in all the games the canadians lost in the last
2 months! Those games and their results is what's led us to this point where it so happens that if the montreal
Habs lose tomorrow night then perhaps the playoffs are off the schedual of 07!

What does it all mean in dollars and cents and the cards on the table or 'oifen-tish!' to the Schmelvis?

It means that every task we are assaigned to regardless of the circumstances we must give 100%
of ourselves plus like it is our last game and we must play from the heart so it touches the heart!!!

Elvis always played from the heart and played every concert like it was his last concert.
This is evdent through the fact that he was ready to pass out after concerts and through his fans
who felt like he gave it all!!!!

So the word of the day is : "Play it like a fiddle and do it like a diddle!"""


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's almost March and lots new developments are happening in the Schmelvis world.
For one; In Search of Elvis ( A journey to find the man beneath the jumpsuit) by Charlie Connelly
is out in bookstores!!! This a great book written by a wonderful author living in England who definetly has the
'gift of the gab' & knows how to tell it like it is!

Responding to Cancer/Treatment/AND HOPE...Planning to do a "Plane Jump across Canada"
to raise money for this worthy cause and "Race Across Canada" will launch this summer of 2007.

Stay tuned for Schmelvis concert tour with 'The Contessa'